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Fire sprinkler systems are among the most integral safety components in a fire protection plan. It’s therefore essential that the right fire protection partner is chosen to design, install, repair, replace and maintain the system. Fire Guard offers an unparalleled level of professionalism. Regardless of the size of the organization we assist or the complexity of the project, we deliver on time with exceptional results. From new construction to system upgrades to retrofitting an existing system, Fire Guard has the experience necessary to help companies in a wide range of industries. We have extensive experience with systems, some of which are many decades old, and we know how to retrofit old systems with more modern technology. With new construction projects, we design and build customized fire sprinkler systems to protect the contents of the facility, whether it’s a high-rise residential building, commercial building or a plant working with highly flammable materials.

Design, Project management, and Experience:

  • Detailed specs and design concepts
  • Full install plans
  • Feasibility planning and budgeting
  • Advanced 3D CAD design capabilities
  • Extensive knowledge of fire protection requirements and codes
  • Seamless concept-to-final-product process
  • Effective planning, efficient pricing
  • One point of contact for your project to keep communication streamlined

Design-Build Sprinkler System

For one of the best fire sprinkler systems, have a design-build company like Fire Guard handle the design, build and installation of the system. With Fire Guard, there is no confusion regarding what your property requires, how it is built or how it is ultimately installed to fit your structure and your unique needs.

Fire Sprinkler System Retrofits

When a property is repurposed or remodeled, it could require some alterations to your existing system. Also, as local and national codes change regularly, you’ll need to ensure that you’re in compliance, particularly with your sprinkler heads. In some cases a complete replacement might be required in a retrofit situation, especially if the system is old or if the type of business within it handles different types of flammable materials.

Complete Fire System Engineering Services

At Fire Guard, we inspect our clients’ properties, evaluate the best type of system for the structure and put our engineers to work designing and building a highly functioning system. But we don’t stop there – we will also expertly install the system and maintain the system so it will always be in top working order.

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We build trust by producing quality and excellence through our commitment and professionalism. We build trust by our commitment to safety. After all, we’re dedicated to protecting lives and property.

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